Message from the Departing Chairman

Dear Members

I first became directly involved in EuroGPR as the treasurer in 2008 following the then treasurers promotion to chair.  At the time I had no idea how to be a treasurer.  I suppose my biggest achievement during that time was implementation of two new financial management systems, the first of which I wrote myself followed by implementation of a more industry standard system. 

It was in 2014 when the chair took me to one side and told me she wanted to step down and wanted to nominate me as her replacement.  I was obviously flattered but also very sceptical that I would have much to bring as chair as I lacked experience and was not well known in the industry, but I decided to take it on.  And so, at the 2014 AGM I was elected chair.  In that time I have developed a business plan for the association which has some pretty lofty aims in terms of building our membership by reaching out to more countries and offering more services and benefits to our membership.

However, late last year I decided I needed to step down and give someone else a chance.  Whilst I had developed the business plan, I was struggling to devote the time needed to implement much of it due to work and other life commitments.  This was despite successfully implementing the parts of the business plan designed to give the chair and the elected committee more time to devote to the needs of membership; that is bringing on board an association management company to administer meetings and also a financial administrator for member and supplier administration.  It’s is worth remembering that all the elected committee members are volunteers, all have full time job commitments and are unpaid by the association.

Therefore, sadly the December 2017 AGM was my last meeting as chair.  However, I have decided to stay on the committee as the website/social media outreach officer.  This is because I strongly believe that in order to grow and accomplish everything it wants to do in the coming few years, the association needs to make better use of its own website as well as established social media channels.  I was largely already doing this whilst I was treasurer and chair but it was a secondary concern so did not get my full attention.   Now it will be my primary concern you can expect to read, hear and watch more content from the association over the coming months.

Finally before I end this ramble, I would like to introduce you to the new committee.  There are still some places to fill but we are in late stage talks with people to take these roles on and I hope this will be formalised by the time the AGM minutes are circulated.

  • Alan Jones, who has served as our training officer for several years has been elected as the new chair, I’m sure you will be hearing from him in the near future.
  • Chris Leech, who has been a stalwart committee member for the association since the very beginning will be taking on the vacant treasurer role. Now we have a financial administrator the treasurer role has evolved to more budget planning and control focused along with membership development, which in fairness is a responsibility shared with the entire committee.
  • Guido Manacorda will remain as our licensing officer. Guido is doing a fantastic job at the moment dealing with ETSI but he needs more help from other technical experts, particularly from GPR manufacturers.  Please consider offering some of your time to help him.  It is vitally important that the interests and opinions of all our manufacturers are represented in the on-going negotiations with ETSI.
  • Sam Roberts is staying on as our standards officer, he will continue to represent EuroGPR on various standards drafting and review panels as well as produce new and update existing EuroGPR guidelines.
  • Matt Guy is staying on as our liaison officer with the CIFA (Chartered Institute of Field Archaeologists). Matt is relatively new to the role but has hit the ground running so I’m pretty sure you are going to see a lot more activities from EuroGPR which will be of interest to our archaeologically inclined colleagues in the next year.
  • Raffaele Persico has decided to step down from his role as our Librarian, we wish him well but as he is the chair of an Italian group with which we will be working with, I’m sure he will continue to be a familiar face at events. We are just formalising the appointment of a new librarian which we hope to announce in the next few days.
  • Due to lAlan Jones moving to chair, the training post is currently vacant. This role is likely to evolve into more of an assessment role as we hope to finally get out online GPR operator assessment exam launched.  We are in talks with someone to take this on but please let the secretary know if you would be interested in nominating yourself for this role in case the situation changes.
  • Also for the first time we will be formally appointing someone as vice chair. This will not be a standalone role but will be an existing committee member.  The idea being to improve our succession planning as well as share the workload of the main chair.  Sam Roberts will be our first vice chair.

That’s all from me, thank you for your continued support, especially those current and former committee members who I have served with both as chair and treasurer.  I wish the new chair and rest of the committee the best of luck and I personally am looking forward to a more proactive and visible association.

Happy GPR’ing

Adam Cook

Outgoing Chairman

Web and Social Media Officer

AGM - Chairman's Thanks

I would like to thank everyone who made the trip to our AGM last week.  I thought it was a productive meeting with some impassioned ideas regarding the future of the Association.  More on that soon.  We aim to have the minutes available in the coming days.

Thank you to the committee members who helped organise the meeting and contributed to its success.  Thanks also to our hosts, Guideline Geo, for making us feel very welcome in beautiful Stockholm.

Adam Cook


AGM Agenda Now Available

Members can now download the AGM agenda and minutes of the previous meeting from this site.  You need to be logged in and then under the members only menu, select "Meetings Diary".  Click on the meeting in the calendar view and you will see the Agenda and previous minutes under the Files heading.

New Unique Member Logos

Back in 2014 we introduced the concept of unique EuroGPR logos for members to use.  However, in hindsight we went too far.  The logos we issued contained the current certificate number and therefore would mean new versions were required every year.  This was not practical for members and the association’s administration alike.

Therefore we are now issuing members with a logo with just their membership number on.  This number will not change therefore this logo should be valid for several years (unless we rebrand).  Members who are up to date with their subscription can now download their logos from their online storage area.  This is the same area you download your certificate from, a link was sent to you when you renewed this year.  Those not quite up to date, this information will be provided upon renewal for 2016-17.

You will see that there is a high resolution version of the logo as well as a minimum resolution version.  We would prefer it if you did not shrink the logo any smaller than this as the text may become difficult to read but we accept this might be unavoidable.

The logos also differentiate between ‘full’ and ‘provisional’ members with a variation in colour and the inclusion of “P” suffixing the membership number for Provisional members.  Provisional members are our newest members who have yet to complete an introductory presentation at one of our meetings.  Any provisional members can register with the secretary now for a presentation slot at our AGM on 7th October.  Presentation can be given in person at the meeting venue (in Stockholm) or via our Webex service from your own location.


2016 Annual General Meeting

We are pleased to announce that the annual general meeting of the European GPR Association will be held at the offices of Guideline Geo (parent company of Mala Geoscience) whose offices are at: Löfströms Allé 6A, SE -172 66 Sundbyberg; Sweden on the 7th October commencing a 10:00.  Sundbyberg is a suburb of Stockholm and therefore convenient to reach via Stockholm’s Arlanda airport.

A full agenda will be sent to you in due course.

If you need a hotel the evening before, or after the meeting, Guideline Geo recommend the Story Hotel in Sundbyberg and Brommavik, which they have agreement with and is  situated a 5 minute walk from their office. Guideline have a discount code for use at this hotel, so if you are staying at this hotel, please let me know and I can get the code sent to you.

Please note that we hope to transmit the meeting by Webex, so if you can’t attend in person, it may be possible to participate in part or all of the meeting from your location. We have a limit on the number of available Webex seats so please indicate whether you will be attended via Webex so we can send you instructions and guarantee your place.  Seats will be allocated generally on a first come first served basis though we have never reached our capacity yet.

As per normal, please can you let me know your attendance, or not so we can make the necessary arrangements.


The association is pleased to welcome its newest member, 3D Engineering Surveys, UK

17th International conference on Ground Penetrating Radar

The 17th International conference on Ground Penetrating Radar will take place on June 18–21, 2018 in Rapperswil, Switzerland.

This four day conference is a wonderful opportunity to meet the GPR community, to exchange ideas and to update on the latest developments. Main topics of the conference will be:

  • Radar systems and antenna design
  • Data processing and analysis
  • Inversion
  • Geotechnical applicationsSecurity applications
  • Geological applications
  • Civil engineering applications
  • Environment and agriculture
  • Archeology and historical buildings


The conference website is up and running: GPR2018 Conference

Chairman's Message - Geo Business Show 2016

With Geo Business just around the corner, a couple of days away in fact, I wanted to share with you our thinking behind why we decided to commit so much to this show.  Believe me when I tell you that a significant amount of planning and preparation has gone into us attending the show. 

It is worth me pointing out that the association has a strong financial footing having built up a substantial financial reserve.  We now feel that in order to secure the associations future and therefore implement many of the exciting things we are either currently working or have plans for we need to take this opportunity to push ahead and expand.  We want to become a more powerful and proactive organisation and a more European organisation, the latter we have struggled with.  This can only happen by expanding our membership base and in particular our membership base in key European territories.  To do this we plan to increase our annual business development budget to be a significant proportion of our annual spending.

So this year we have decided to try exhibiting at an industry related conference with a specific goal of increasing awareness of the association both amongst those who use the technology and those who use the data delivered.  We chose ‘Geo Business’ in the UK simply because many of the committee were attending already and we were presented with an opportunity for a stand.  But more than this, many of our members are exhibiting there also.  GPR manufacturers and their agents are exhibiting which suggests there will be delegates there looking to purchase new equipment.  GPR service providers are exhibiting which suggests there will be delegates there who are key decision makers in which survey companies they commission. 

Although this conference is in the UK we thought we would start here as a trial.  If this brings us success here where we already have substantial membership, attending similar events in other countries would surely lead to even greater success where membership is less widespread amongst GPR users.  This kind of show is new for us as we have previously only exhibited at specific GPR events primarily more academia focused which we have supported through sponsorship, we will continue with this but we hope that this conference will promote the association to a wider audience.

Now let me tell you about some of the initiatives we are trying, some of which are specific to the conference and some you will be able to take advantage of yourself.

  • New marketing material. We have invested in three new pull up banners to promote the association at this and future events.  We have also spent time updating our PowerPoint slides to a new format and new content to both display at exhibitions and present at workshops.  We would be happy to make this available to our members to use at their own events to help promote the association.

What is EuroGPR - PuD

Membership of EuroGPR - PuD

Did you know? - PuD

  • Lapel pin badges. We have bought a stock of branded Lapel badges which we hope or members will wear at this event and in future whenever they are in front of clients or other GPR users.  We will be handing these out to members at the show but also we will be sending them out with membership renewals this year.

Pin Badge

  • Introductory membership offer. We will be offering a substantial first year discount for new membership subscriptions starting next week and running until August.  You will see a new promotional code box on our membership application forms.  We will be handing out cards containing the current code at the show but this will essentially be available for any new member applications throughout the period.
  • Proud member signs. We have created some signs for members to display on their stands stating they are proud members of the association. The signs invite readers to our stand or to visit our website.

Proud Member Sign

  • Pop Quiz. To help promote our online assessment programme which we aim to formally launch as a service this year, we have made a sample quiz for people at the show to try.  The highest score of each day will win a prize. People not at the show can try it but the prize is only available to delegates of the show.  We will tweet the link to the quiz as well as regular updates on the leader so if you haven’t done already follow @eurogpr.
  • Workshop.  We will also be presenting a workshop at the conference.

We will report on the how the conference went at our AGM later in the year, the date and venue of which will be announced in June.  That’s all from me, if you are attending Geo Business, feel free to come and see us at stand D1.

Adam Cook


New Membership Categories for 2016-17

We will be implementing new membership categories for membership renewals, you can read more about them HERE.

Most of our members will fall into the 'Standard - Organisation' category and will therefore pay the same subscription at renewal.  However, if you feel you have a case for moving categories, please email our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Also we have instigated a policy of a fixed price for membership in Euros (in the past the Euro price was based on the exchange rate on the day an invoice was raised).  Members can choose to pay in Euros or GBP.

Last but not least, from this year we will be dropping the charges we impose for choosing to pay subscriptions via PayPal.  EuroGPR will still be charged for PayPal transactions so we ask that if you can, please pay by bank transfer, but we will no longer pass the PayPal charges on to members.

EuroGPR Website Upgrade

We have recently upgraded the backend software which runs our website.  This has brought with it hopefully a smoother and more responsive browsing experience whilst maintaining the familiar look and layout of the site.  It should mean we have much more control over the content so expect much more frequent updates to the site in the future.  

However, it has been brought to our attention that the information on some user profiles is different.  We suspect this is because we have had the new version running in the background for quite some time while bugs were removed so it is possible that members have edited their profiles on the old version and these have not found their way to the new version.  If you have been affected by this we apologise but we invite all members to check/edit the information on their profiles.  Please let us know if you need a reminder of your username and password.  

The upgrade also brings with it some new features to our membership profiles which members are invited to take advantage of. The main one being that you can now add an image to your profile, for example a company logo for our standard members or a passport style photograph for individual members.  This can be done via the "update user profile" and "contact info" editor options when viewing your own profile whilst logged in.  Please us me know if you need further guidance.

We would be happy to hear feedback and bug reports, please send them directly to the chairman as we are without a dedicated web officer at the moment.

Hints & Tips for International Shipping

A new guideline has been created and uploaded on the site with the aim of advising on procedures and formalities that can be followed when seeking to temporarily import a GPR in a foreign country. Have a look on the Guidelines page or download from here:

» Hints & Tips for International Shipping

Minutes of 2014 AGM Published

The minutes of our November 2014 AGM have now been added to the site under. They can be downloaded from the link contained in the event details in the meetings diary. We are sorry for the delay in publishing the minutes. Chairman

GPR Licencing issue Call for WebEx conference

In fact, all the ETSI standards that were harmonized under the previous regulation (EC 1999/5) need to be updated and re-harmonized under this new directive; on behalf of EuroGPR I have participated in the last ETSI UWB Task Group meeting (TG UWB#28) in Turin and have understood that if the GPR/WPR standard won't be harmonized, manufacturers will have to consult a Technical Competent Body (TCB) to get their equipment certified (it will no longer be possible to fill in a Declaration of Conformity). However, as the new RE-D requires that also software/firmware (SW/FW) be under the scope of the certification (provided that they can modify the emissions by the equipment and I suspect, this is our case), manufacturers will have to re-certify the equipment at a TCB every time a new release of SW/FW is made. Moreover, it is also likely that TCBs won't have a clear legislative framework for a while after the enforcement of the RE-D so that certifications could be difficult. During the ETSI meeting, in agreement with EuroGPR, I have therefore communicated the intention of updating the GPR/WPR standards and provisionaly indicated my name as rapporteur for the ETSI TG UWB; the roadmap that has been approved requires to have a first draft ready for the next meeting (in Sophia Antipolis around mid May) and to complete the standard before the end of this year. There are some issues that needs to be solved and that require our cooperation: in detail 1. The new RE-D requires that technical characteristics of receivers are included in the ETSI standard (this is because the efficient use of the spectrum is required). In my view, this may be a real issue for impulsive GPR/WPRs as our receivers are not very efficient (because of stroboscopic sampling) 2. A review of the emission limits is not expected but can happen 3. There are activities carried out in ETSI to suggest moving to time domain measurement to get the emitted power (peak and averaged); as you might recall, in the current standard there is a formula for computing the mean ERP from peak measurements that is fully correct from the technical point of view, but that has permitted us to live with limits on the average power that are much severe than the ones from the FCC. In my view we need to monitor this activity for not having our formula removed. Given this, EuroGPR is calling for a web meeting with representatives of all our member GPR manufacturers in order to establish the strategy and start the activities at ETSI. You should have been contacted directly by our secretary already and if so please respond as per the instructions as soon as possible. I you have not been contacted and you feel you can contribute to this web conference please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Sincerely Guido Manacorda

GPR Anthology Updated

The EuroGPR Librarian is glad to inform that the GPR Anthology page on the site has been updated with a bibliographic contribution on demining prepared by David Daniels and a bibliographic contribution on ice, snow and permafrost prepared by Emanuele Forte. The bibliographic list of EuroGPR on GPR topics is to date the most complete available in the community.

The Association would like to welcome its newest member

The association would like to welcome Midland Survey Utilities Limited as its newest member.

Unique Member Logo Initiative

At the November AGM it was discussed that when a member uses the EuroGPR logo (with some exceptions) it should be accompanied by their “membership number”.   The committee thought this was a good idea so we have decided to implement something along those lines as soon as possible.  To make this as easy as possible we will be providing uniquely identifiable versions of our logo to our members, in much the same way as some quality management accreditation schemes, etc. do.

The logos will include a unique number which is the same as the one that is printed on the lower right hand corner of our membership certificate and allows us to identify that the logo belongs to a particular member, and is current; this means that part of the number will change every year (not just the “2015” part).  We ask that our members as soon as is practical replace the logo on their website, email signatures and any other electronic promotional material with this one.  For the time being at least, they can continue to use the un-stamped version on pre-printed material as it would be unfair of us to ask that they reprint this material every year when the number changes.

The logos can be resized but should not be reduced so much that the numbers are illegible.  We would love to know our member's thoughts on this initiative either through an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or a discussion on our Linkedin group.

Changing your contact details

To ensure that the committee keep in regular contact with you, it is essential that we have up to date contact details. Thus if your email address or main contact person changes, can you please let the secretary know by email, also can you ensure that your details are up to date on the EuroGPR web site, you can do this yourself if you log in using your normal log-in details, email the treasurer if you need a reminder of these credentials.

Call for papers on traffic-speed evaluation of pavement structural condition including GPR @ NDT-CE

The next meeting of the DaRTS (Deflection at Road Traffic Speed) group will take place during the International Symposium on Non-destructive Testing in Civil Engineering (NDT-CE) to be held in Berlin from 15 to 17 September.

They have kindly arranged a specific session on the traffic-speed evaluation of pavement structural condition including GPR, so this is a marvelous opportunity for us all to submit papers.  However, please note that abstracts are required by 1 January 2015 so please submit yours straight away!  I have attached a copy of the conference second call for papers.  When submitting your abstract on the web I suggest you respond to ‘session’ question with the term Monitoring and the above session title.

Web site access is:

Help required to complete our GPR glossary

Please find below a message from Peter Barker who has been doing some work on behalf of the EuroGPR.  We are wanting to get this glossary up and posted on the web site sooner rather than later, so may we request that you return any comments to Peter by 31st December this year (2014)


Dear Member.


At the EuroGPR Assoc AGM held on 21st November we went through the work to date on the compilation of the glossary of GPR terms.

I got involved about a year ago taking over the good work started by Alan Jones. I asked a number of GPR worthies to review what had already been done and what still needed to doing. The result of their work is a spreadsheet with some 300 terms most with accompanying definitions. Though good progress has been made it still needs some further work before it can be put up on the EuroGPR website.

It was suggested at the meeting that I should send out a general request to the whole membership asking for volunteers to comment on the work done so far. This would include making suggestions for additional terms that should be added, to provide definitions where non currently exist and suggest improvements to the definitions already provided.

If you feel this is something you can help with, please send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I’ll forward a copy of the spreadsheet with some guidance on how to provide your input.


I look forward to hearing from you.



EuroGPR General Meeting (14)02

The EuroGPR trade association will be holding its Annual General Meeting at the offices of the Transport Research Laboratory in Wokingham, Berks, RG40 3GA at 10:30 am on Friday 21st November.

All are welcome to attend, and we particularly extend a warm welcome to any  of you in who have become members in 2014 to come and give the association a brief (5 minutes maximum) presentation concerning your company, or institutions activities, if you need access to AV projection facilities, please let me know, but it is generally available.

Any items for the agenda should be sent to me prior to close of business on 14th November, so I have time to incorporate into the full agenda and circulate to you all along with coordinates of TRL.

Please can you confirm to me your attendance or not as the case may be.


Best Regards

Chris Leech


The Association would like to welcome its latest members

The association would like to welcome Surveys Gwalia Ltd as its newest member.

First International EuroGPR School

EuroGPR is offering an opportunity to attend a two day programme, taking place during the Near Surface Geoscience conference to be held in Athens, Greece on 14 - 18 September 2014, at which an introduction to the rudiments of GPR will be provided.

The two day programme will comprise of two sessions per day.  Day 1 will be based around GPR theory and Day 2 will focus on practical application. The programme will be aimed at those who are new to, or have limited experience of GPR. More information about the content of the programme will be published nearer the time. Participants can visit the technical programmes of the First Applied Shallow Marine Geophysics Conference and the 20th European Meeting of

Environmental and Engineering Geophysics on the third day.  The lectures will be given by Mr. Alan Jones of PipeHawk plc and by Dr. Raffaele Persico of the Institute for Archaeological and Monumental Heritage IBAM-CNR, both members of the Committee of the European GPR Association. All those attending the EuroGPR school will be given the opportunity to submit themselves for on-line assessment to obtain the new EuroGPR Core Skills at a discounted price, should they wish to do so.

For more information download the event flyer from our website

» 17044-EuroGPR NS14 final announcement DEF

and visit the EAGE website


EuroGPR - PAS128 Specification for the Detection and Mapping of Underground Utilities

Our Standards Officer (Craig Simmonds) has represented EuroGPR on the BSI’s (British Standards Institute) Steering Group for the new PAS128 which is the UK’s first specification for the detection and mapping of underground utilities. It has been a long process, in excess of 2 years; however the new specification has now been put into the public domain following a successful launch seminar at the ICE in London on 30th June 2014.

There was a broad cross-section of the industry represented on the steering group from advanced GPR users, experienced utility mapping companies, clients and academia. The spread of expertise resulted in some very lively debates but ultimately in a document that takes something from all corners of the industry. It is designed to provide a specification to which a practitioner can be held accountable, to ensure more consistency for the end client with regards to results and a level playing field for practitioners bidding for competitive tenders.

The PAS128 is aimed specifically at utility mapping practitioners with a view to providing an industry wide minimum standard of utility mapping service that clients can expect when buying these services. Clients will find the document useful when commissioning utility surveys although the TSA will be updating their Essential Guide to Utility Surveys to be a PAS128 client orientated guide in the near future.

As sponsors and keen supporters of the new Specification document we would ask that our membership actively recommend it to their clients to help it gain rapid acceptance within the market place. Certainly, our members who are involved in undertaking utility mapping surveys should ensure that they are capable of supplying surveys in compliance with PAS128. 

The PAS128 document can be purchased by visiting the BSI's website

» BSi Shop - PAS 128:2014 Specification for underground utility detection, verification and location

You can also discuss this document on our Linkedin group

» EuroGPR - PAS128 Specification for the Detection and Mapping of Underground Utilities - Linkedin Discussion

The Association would like to welcome its latest members

The association would like to welcome Charter Oaks Ltd and Centara Ltd as its newest members.

The Association would like to welcome its latest members

The association would like to welcome IFSTTAR and Ecole Polytechnique of University of Nantes as its newest members.

EuroGPR Embraces Social Media

Today EuroGPR has launched a twitter account and a LinkedIn group.  

We encourage you to follow @EuroGPR for the latest news snippets regarding the associations activities as well as any other GPR related news we deem of interest to our membership.

Please also join our LinkedIn group to discuss anything GPR related.

The twitter account is free for anyone to follow but the linkedin group is restricted to employees of our member organisations.

The EuroGPR Commitee

New website

EuroGPR has a new website. We hope you like it.

Here's a list of features:

  • Improved graphic design
  • Easier to find content
  • An updated section section explaining what are the rules and regulations for the use of GPR in Europe and elsewhere in the world
  • A section on GPR recommended practices
  • A specific section for members to emend their contact details and presentation and keep up to date with association business and meetings 
  • A GPR forum


The online EuroGPR training course and assessment facility will be available shortly free to EuroGPR members.