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T&A Survey BV
Dynamostraat 48, 1014 BK
PO Box 20670, 1001 NR
The Netherlands
+31 20 6651368
+31 20 6685486
Robert van Ingen
Stefan van der Baan
Michiel van Oers
Mark van der Gulik
M, S
T&A Survey, founded 1992, is an experienced, reliable and technologically advanced subsurface research company, specialized in environental, geophysical, geological and unexploded ordance (UXO) subsurface research. Using geophysical techniques, T&A maps the subsurface and constructions 3-dimensionally. T&A performs UXO surveys in three phases: historical research, detection and removal.

T&A develops geophysical hardware and software, including the patented 3D Borehole Radar technique.

For (renewable) energy systems, T&A is specialized in feasibility studies, seismic and geological interpretations, installation and project management of Underground Energy Systems, such as Heat & Cold Storage (HCS) and geothermy.