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Dr George Tuckwell
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STATS Geophysical provides expertise, survey design and site investigation services. We routinely apply state of the art geophysical instrumentation to the identification of subsurface variations associated with man-made and natural phenomena. Our senior staff have international research profiles through their work in geophysical data collection and interpretation, with work ongoing into new equipment and data processing software. We own and operate a GSSI SIR3000 GPR console with a suite of antennas ranging in frequencies from 1.5GHz to 200MHz. Although this is our primary equipment for GPR surveys we have also access to other GPR systems. GPR data is processed using GSSI software RADAN, which allows data to be manipulated in 3D cubes, in addition to 2D sections. Applications of GPR are numerous, and range from subsurface utility surveys and buried obstructions, through archaeological applications to historical buildings. Geophysical surveys, including the application of GPR, are often integrated with Geotechnical, Geo-environmental and Structural surveys undertaken by other groups within STATS Ltd.