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Site Vision Surveys Limited
19 Warwick Street
CV22 5QB
+44 (0) 1788 575036
+44 (0) 1788 576208
Simon Bailey
Paul Cox
Damian Taylor
Specialists in PAS 128 "specification for underground utility detection, verification and location" surveys

A "Best Approach" management system pulling together all available disciplines and technologies to produce as near a complete picture of a site as is possible.
* Collation and on site analysis of statutory record / guide drawings
* Deployment of electromagnetic devices to location and map metallic buried services. To locate and map accessible sewers and ducts
* Deploying Ground Probing Radar to establish position and depth of non-metallic, fibre optic and plastic buried services
* Production of a topographical base plan
* Final deliverable being an accurate scaled colour co-ordinated presentation of the site as it exists
* Production of a survey report outlining confidence levels