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Safedigging Ltd
Unit 24, Coker Rd
Worle Ind Estate
Weston Super Mare
North Somerset
BS22 6BX
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Stephen Thomas
Jeff Parslow
Safedigging Ltd offers a comprehensive suite of services to survey, map and identify underground utilities within the UK. Safedigging has been using Ground Probing Radar (Mala GPR Systems) since 2005 after 3 Directors travelled to Sweden for onsite training at their head offices. Our Technical Director Mr Jeff Parslow while working at Radiodetection 1987-2005 had looked at various manufacturers of GPR and studied capabilities and limitations of some types of GPR systems over different types of ground conditions, which has helped Safedigging incorporate this within our own Survey Techniques to enable us to give our clients the best possible information of Underground services and structures. We have since 2005 been using both GPR and Electromagnetic Theory Techniques in every survey we carryout to complement each other.