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LandScope Engineering Ltd
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Church Stretton
United Kingdom
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Martin Berry
Jo Painter
James Kilroy
Ben Davenward
LandScope Engineering was established in 2004 on the basis of fifteen years of survey, geophysics and data management experience. In completing over 200 projects annually throughout the UK, LandScope has established itself as a reliable and quality provider to an extensive list of clients.
LandScope aspires to the highest standard of geophysical survey and is constantly seeking to optimise the service it provides. This is administered through employment of people with geophysical qualifications and experience.
LandScope also actively seek to increase its understanding of radar and radar practice through training provided by GPR specialists from institutions such as Birmingham University, Keele University and Malâ.
LandScope Engineering employees are encouraged to attend such events as the International Conference on Ground Penetrating Radar and NSGG events.
GPR units deployed include: GSSI SIR 3000, GSSI SIR 20, IDS Hi-mod, UTSI Groundvue 5c and GSSI UtilityScan DF. Antenna operating frequencies deployed range from 100MHz to 6GHz.
Software used includes Radan, Reflex, Gred, and GPRMAX2D.
The diversity of systems and frequencies deployed allows LandScope Engineering to undertake a wide range of GPR investigations including underground infrastructure (services) mapping, structural / concrete scanning, void & obstruction mapping and forensic applications