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P.O. Box 10 - 00015
Monterotondo Sc. (Roma),
Salvatore Piro
Daniela Zamuner
Scientific director of the Ground Remote Sensing Lab. of Institute for Technologies Applied to Cultural Heritage ITABC-CNR. Developments of acquisition and elaboration techniques for magnetic, Geoelectric and Ground Penetrating Radar methods. Development of integrated acquisition methodology using magnetic, GPR and geoelectric methods to locate archaeological structures. High knowledge of Earth Resistance, Magnetic and GPR methods for near surface investigations; high knowledge of different processing techniques for simulation and elaboration of geophysical anomalies; knowledge of qualitative and quantitative integrating techniques in GIS environment.
Member of: EGU, EAGE, SEG, NSG and ISAP societies. Associated Editor of Archaeological Prospection and Near Surface Geophysics.