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Geotec Surveys, amongst the UK's leading independent underground mapping survey company, utilising 'best of breed' geophysical systems and products to map the underground for utilities, voids, tunnels, layer interfaces, UXO, and sub surface geology. Customers include the leading UK civil engineering consultants, contractors, utilities and local authorities. Accredited to ISO 9001, partner in the DTI sponsored 'Augmented Reality' project for subsurface data visualisation.

Established in 1998 GEOTEC Surveys Limited is an independent provider of underground mapping services and has been at the forefront of this market for many years.

GEOTEC combines the best of non-invasive geophysical survey technology, such as Ground probing radar, Radio-frequency and Electro-magnetics, coupled with conventional techniques, including man-hole cover lifting to provide among the most comprehensive underground information available.

GEOTEC provides utility mapping and geophysical surveys for some of the best known names in the construction, contracting, utilities and consulting industries, as well as many local authorities.

We work in a variety of environments; these have included water treatment works, pumping stations, schools, airports, railway trackside, electricity sub stations, cemeteries, public carriageways and footpaths, pedestrian precincts and open green-field sites.

Outputs available
GEOTEC’s core service is that of underground mapping which includes the following, which is presented on a topographical backdrop using AutoCAD:

o Underground utilities and services mapping
o Desktop mapping
o Geophysical surveying
o UXO mapping
o Bedrock profiling
o Void detection & mapping
o Sub-surface anomalies mapping (tunnels \ cellars \ old foundations \ sunken piles \ capped wells etc)
o Topographical Surveys

This combination of techniques allow us to locate metal and plastic pipes, electric cables, telecom and fibre optic cables and drainage systems to provide a comprehensive picture of the underground services.

GEOTEC operates predominantly throughout the UK, and Ireland, but also has undertaken projects in Europe and the Middle East; the company has offices in Surrey, Northern Ireland, Yorkshire & Dublin.

Accreditation and Training
Geotec Surveys have achieved ISO 9001 accreditation and holds Achilles UVDB, Achilles Verify, Achilles Link-up, CHAS and Constructionline accreditations as well as being members of The Survey Association and Euro GPR, as well as holding an OFCOM Ground Probing Radar licence.
GEOTECs Survey team are all fully trained and regularly upgrade their training and qualifications, whilst also holding CSCS cards and undergoing health and safety awareness courses.
GEOTEC also educate surveyors in a range of disciplines including AutoCAD, combined spaces, streetworks, first aid and water hygiene, as well as a number of industry specialist programmes such as track safety and national gird training.