Please read the Memorandum of Association and the Association's Code of Ethics before completing your application for membership. By proceeding with your application you are agreeing to comply with the terms of both the Memorandum of Association and the Association's Code of Ethics.

The Association recognises five categories of membership:

  • Concessionary Individual (75 € or £ 50 pa)
    • Discounted individual membership at the discretion of the EuroGPR Committee. Indivdual must be in full time education (evidence required) or in full time retirement.
  • Standard Individual (150 € or £ 100 pa)
    • Individual membership at the discretion of the EuroGPR Committee. Individual engaged in full or part time funded GPR related work/research for a company or school (institution department) who do not engage in large amounts of GPR activity and therefore cannot justify organisational membership.
  • Standard - Organisation (450 € or £ 300 pa)
    • Standard membership for companies or institutions.
  • Corporation/Group - Parent (450 € or £ 300 pa)
  • Corporation/Group - Subsidiary (Discounted Standard - Organisation rate)
    • Membership for a group of companies or institutions owned by the same parent company.
    • If 5 or less subsidiaries, each pays membership discounted by 25%
    • If 6 or more, each pays membership discounted by 50%

Our membership year runs between 1st July through 30th June each year. We do not charge membership pro rata, if you join partway through the year you will be required to pay for the remaining quarters (£75 per quarter) including the current quarter. You will then be required to renew your membership on the 1st July.

The Association committee will review all membership applications. Upon approval you will be sent an invoice for the amount due. Upon receipt of payment you will be issued a membership certificate and access credentials to the Association’s website; your details will also be added to the website. If you would like the option of a hyperlink on the website to your own, the Association charge £25 per annum (£6.25 per remaining quarter) for this facility. As part of becoming a new member you are required to give a short introductory presentation at the next scheduled meeting.

Whilst we no longer differentiate between European and Rest-of-World organistions, it should be noted that we are a European focused association and will act primarily on issues within Europe except under exceptional circumstances.

Click here for membership application form EuroGPR membership application