Why be a member of EuroGPR?

There are many reasons why you should consider becoming a member of EuroGPR. From licensing to standards and codes of practice, the following article along with the Benefits of Membership, outlines the reasons.

1. Licensing

The Association represents the GPR industry at European level to ensure that the interests of its members are safeguarded when European legislation is put in place.  We keep our members up to date with their legal obligations & try to ensure that these are not onerous.

Currently there is a European wide framework for equipment licensing.  There is no such framework for GPR users although the Association is currently working to achieve this.  EuroGPR is a member of ETSI (the European Technical S Institute) which gives us a voice at European level.

The Association has assisted in developing the current licensing regime for GPR equipment, details of which can be found in the licensing section of this website.  All GPR equipment which complies with current legislation is CE marked.  Manufacturers and other producers of GPR equipment are advised to consult the section on equipment regulation.

2. Good Practice, Standards & Guidance

The Association is in the process of issuing Good Practice Guidelines (GPGs) on different categories of survey.  There are GPGs on Utility Detection, Archaeological Surveys, pavement surveys, etc.  The Archaeological Guidelines are currently under revision and new Forensics guidance is also in preparation.


GPR is unusual in providing information to many different professional disciplines.  The Association consults with relevant professional bodies when drawing up its guidelines.  If you belong to a professional organisation which makes use of GPR technology and would like to take part in consultation with EuroGPR, please contact the chairman.

3. Training

The Association’s training officer is in the process of developing an on-line training course.  At the Oct 2010 meeting in Stockholm a preliminary version was tested on the members attending.  The launch of the first stage on-line training is scheduled for the IWAGPR (International Workshop on Ground Penetrating Radar) in Aachen in June 2011.

4. Up to Date Technical Knowledge

This website hosts the papers from the biennial international GPR conferences for 2008 & 2010.

At each of our meetings (currently 3 a year) there is a technical talk of interest to members.  The meetings also provide a useful forum for meeting other members and learning about new approaches to problem solving.

The Association keeps its members informed of legal and technical developments via e-mail.

EuroGPR also provides links to other reputable websites and lists of appropriate reading material.

5. Reputation

EuroGPR Members want to provide good information in a timely & efficient manner.  Unfortunately because its scientific basis is not always understood the industry has suffered from a number of individuals making unrealistic claims.  This leads to disappointment and financial loss for anyone commissioning such work.  By being part of EuroGPR, our members are demonstrating their commitment to good practice.