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Welcome to EuroGPR

Welcome to the Web page of EuroGPR, an association made up of users and manufacturers of GPR equipment, intent on raising standards within the GPR industry and looking out for the rights of our members, giving them voice at a pan-european level on matters such as licensing, health and safety and market access.

GPR stands for Ground Penetrating (or Probing) Radar.  The technology is very similar to traditional radar but uses a shorter wavelength, to:

Locate buried pipes & services underground;

Find evidence for other buried potential hazards e.g. mine shafts; voids;

Investigate concrete structures to determine the position of reinforcement &/or the quality of the concrete & whether it contains voids;

Check on the integrity of road subsurfaces;

Investigate environmental conditions both natural (geology) & man-made (e.g. pollutant spread);

Learn about glaciers, their formation & structure;

Uncover forensic evidence including buried human remains & weapons; and

Locate, Identify & Investigate Archaeological Sites.

Almost all of this work has a strong Health & Safety aspect.  It is also important to local & national Government as the ultimate End Users of the information generated.
Why be a member of EuroGPR?

There are many reasons why you should consider becoming a member of EuroGPR. From licensing to standards and codes of practice, the following article along with the Benefits of Membership, outlines the reasons.

Benefits of membership

Apply for membership


To keep up-to-date with developments through

  • Series of fact sheets available free of charge
  • Technical presentations by leading specialists, consultants and manufacturers of equipment at meetings held throughout the year
  • Bibliography detailing many hundreds of papers presented on the subject of GPR

To make valuable contacts within the industry

  • Meetings with other members
  • Your company listed on the EuroGPR web site 

Technology you can trust in

EuroGPR can only recommend the equipment and services provided by its members. In order to obtain membership, candidates are expected to provide evidence of professional practices and, on admittance, to adhere to the Association's code of conduct.

GPR training

Training (members only)


The incorrect and inappropriate use of GPR has over the years caused a great deal of damage to its reputation as a bona fide and reliable technology. Here at EuroGPR we are now trying to change that image by creating a modular training programme for all GPR users within Europe. Our expectations are high and we are determined to see this important initiative set the standard for the industry, over the coming months and inspire greater confidence on the part of employers, employees and clients alike.

If you would like to offer your support, or contribute training materials such as graphics, video's etc. Please contact our This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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